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    What happens during Colon Hydrotherapy?
    During treatment the client relaxes on a treatment couch in complete comfort. There is closed system and all equipment is disposable and sterile. A skilled colon therapist will use several fills and realises of water, as well as light massage techniques, which helps to soften faecal matter and hardened deposits on walls of the colon and gently washed them away. The treatment is not painful. You may feel a slight discomfort or pressure, which is then released.
    Does Colon Hydrotherapy wash out all friendly bacteria from colon?
    The impact colon encourages the formation of harmful bacteria and blocks formation of healthy flora. Most of the loose bacteria living in the colon will be expelled along with the putrefactive bacteria and parasites. With removal of the old waste there will be better chances of long-term colonisation of the bowel flora along with diet encourage these good bacteria. Probiotic supplements or probiotic implants are advised after Colonic.
    How many treatments are necessary?
    Each Colon Hydrotherapy session lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. A number of treatments needed vary, depends on the client, their health and the reasons for having Colonic. An average course involves 2 to 6 treatments with breaks of 4 to 7 days. One colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having 20 or 30 regular bowel movements.
    Will colonic clear up my skin?
    Yes. Your skin actually breathes’ and an important organ of elimination of waste material. Surface eruptions on the skin may occur due to toxins being released
    Do I need to be on a special diet or avoid any certain food?
    No special diet needed, just try not to eat anything junky or things that will make you gassy, like fizzy drinks, wine or beans.
    How can I expect to feel after the treatment?
    Everyone is different but common reports include an increase in energy and mental clarity, reduced bloating and leave you feeling lighter and fresher.