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    Hydrogen Enema (H2) NEW!

    Hydrogen gas (H2) is the smallest molecule in the universe, about half the size of oxygen. Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse deep into all the cells and mitochondria, as well as easily pass through the blood brain barrier.

    Available hydrogen is hydrogen gas (H2 or H-H), which can be dissolved into the water in its gaseous form and add into your colon during Colonic treatment.

    Benefits of Hydrogen Enema (H2):

    • Antioxidant
    • Helps lower oxidative stress
    • Anti-inflammatory, Anti-allergy
    • Neuroprotective
    • Supports cognitive function
    • Reduces fatigue
    • anti-aging

    Need for Hydrogen

    The rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and many neurological disorders. The need for a natural and safe anti-aging remedy that brings the body back to homeostasis has never been greater

    Scientific research on molecular hydrogen suggests that this long forgotten molecule may be the key to the revolution of health and wellness.

    Aloe Vera Enema

    Aloe Vera Enema is great anti-inflammatory, as well as providing the right pH balance within the bowel and therefore assisting in the promotion of positive bacteria.

    Aloe is also very re-hydrating, thus cleansing and supportive to the system as a whole.

    ASP Enema

    Espessially for bloating, IBS, excess gas; this formula aids the expulsion of gas pockets, reduces musculs spasm and relaxes patients during colonic treatments. Contains one the most powerful anti-spasmodics, Lobelia inflata, coupled with pepermint, Motherwort, Raspberry leaf and Wild Yam.

    Herbal Enema

    The synergy of herbs may help provide a cleansing, soothing and relaxing properties, within the smooth muscle of the bowel also helps remove gas. The herbs also help to stimulate the liver and gall bladder.

    German Chamomile Enema

    This is a gentle and calming implant for the nervouse person and bowel. Mildly anti – inflammatoory, anti – spasmodic and active against pinworms.

    Coffee Enema

    Here are Reasons on Why You Should Try a Coffee Enema

    • Reduces levels of toxicity.
    • Cleans and heals the colon, improving peristalsis.
    • Increases energy levels, improves mental clarity and mood.
    • Helps with depression, bad moods and sluggishness.
    • Helps eliminate parasites and Candida.
    • Improves digestion, bile flow, eases bloating.
    • Detoxifies the liver and helps repair the liver.
    • Helps ease “die-off” or detox reactions during periods of fasting or juice fasting, cleansing or healing.

    Even if your sensitive to caffeine, it won’t affect you taking your coffee this way. By taking it orally, the coffee goes through your digestive system and stomach acids, which nullify any benefits you’d get if you took your coffee via the portal vein to the liver.

    Probiotic Implant

    An implantation friendly bacterium directly into the colon greatly increases the absorption and effectiveness of probiotics. Refloristation with probiotics fortifies the intestinal mucosa, which is an important factor in maintaining good immunity. It is usefull to give prpbiotic implants direct into the colon under some circumstances:

    • Where there is obviously dysbiosis (i.e. an imbalanced bacterial population, excess fermentation, etc.).
    • After several treatment where the population may be skewed.
    • Where suspected or known candida exists.
    • After recent anti-biotic course

    Anti-Parasite Implant

    A large bowel compound mixture specially formulated for implanting after colon hydrotherapy treatment to treat a rang parasites in situ in the colon .